Implant Surgery

Laser Surgery, Presbyopia, Cataracts

Treatments such as body reshaping, eyelid surgery and face lifting

Treatments such as body reshaping, eyelid surgery and face lifting

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Gain your health and enjoy yourself a holiday with Health in Travel!


Everything will be covered for you through Heal in Travel including, arrangement of flights, transfers and hotel and also booking of your necessary treatment at the most sought-after clinics in Turkey.

We pride ourselves on choosing the best treatments available and have fully researched the best surgeons to work with to ensure your treatment is the highest quality and your stay is luxurious and relaxing to ensure you don’t just go to Turkey for your treatment but you can also enjoy yourself with a holiday at the same time.

Best Quality Surgery in Turkey

Where will you stay?

Your stay will be determined by the treatment you require. Every treatment will take place in Turkey, either in the vibrant city of Istanbul or the beautiful coastal city of Izmir.

The hotels can also be considered depending on your requirements for example whether you would like to be close by the hospital or further out of the city.

It may be required for you to spend at least a few days in your hotel following your treatment to ensure you’re available for any follow up treatments that may be required, this is dependant on the treatment you are looking to take.

Please do ask your questions in our contact form and we will be able to advise you on the recommended length of your stay.

treatment specific planning

Depending on your treatment we will take advice of the length of your stay from your consultants and we can put you in contact with the best travel companies to find the perfect stay for you.